Talented and innovative local leaders delivering economic growth and success for the region


Here at the Centre for Leadership Performance we are committed to achieving our vision.

We do this by:

Igniting aspiration and inspiring talent in individuals, teams and organisations across Cumbria through masterclasses and flagship events sponsored by partners who gain the full benefit from their involvement in these agenda-setting initiatives.

Stimulating demand and meeting the leadership and management development needs by enabling easy access to world-class providers. That extends to creating events specifically for a client or organisation, and running them in their workplace to maximise the impact and minimise disruption to normal working.

Encouraging networking and sharing of best practice between Cumbria firms and organisations through programmes such as Leader to Leader.

Nurturing the next generation of Cumbria's leaders through engagement with business and by demonstrating to young people of all ages how exciting and rewarding careers in Cumbrian businesses can be — giving them a new vision of their future.

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