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Why the Dream Placement Programme?

The scheme (now in its sixth year) originally came about from conversations with many of the local businesses we work with about how they can attract and also retain local talent and showcase the  breadth of opportunities within their organisations and across Cumbria.

The scheme is a great way of helping businesses and young people connect with each other in a fully project managed scheme that has built the trust and reputation of the young people themselves and the schools who see first-hand the immense value their students gain from just applying even if they don't get a placement.

As an Employer what do I get out of taking part ?

You get access to a group of highly motivated young people and showcasing everything their business has to offer, helping to build brand, develop relationships with other employers involved with scheme and attract young talent into their organisations. Each year we get around 200 students from all backgrounds apply. They are talented, motivated and keen to see what opportunities are out there for them.

How much does it Cost?

To enable us to run a professional scheme that is valued by both employers and young people we ask companies to help us fund the management of the scheme. Any surplus goes to fund and further develop the scheme and the Cumbria Future Leaders Forum, Summer Internships for Undergraduates and the Matching service. The cost payable varies depending on the size and nature of the organisation and can be discussed on a one by one case.

When you compare the cost with the 'hidden costs' of running your own scheme or using marketing to raise the profile of your business to young people, companies find that the benefits of participating in Dream Placement far outweigh the costs.

CfLP are a not for profit organisation. The Dream Placement scheme is not funded in any way and we ask participating organisations to contribute toward the scheme. These costs vary depending on organisation size, so please get in touch to discuss...

What if I already run my own work experience? What's the difference?

We recognise that many companies already offer great work experience programmes that they manage themselves. Dream Placement can:

  • Complement the scheme you already run — in that it focuses on different skills such as leadership or raises the profile of your business with a different group of young people.
  • Be more cost effective (once you consider all the hidden costs of doing it yourself).
  • Help you access a wider and more diverse group of young people. Opening the scheme up to a wider group of students means you are more likely to get the best match for your placement.
  • Take the headache out of what is a time consuming process.
  • Provides several opportunities within the 7 month process to connect with young people, gaining fresh perspectives on business issues and building your brand with a new generation of employees.
  • Provides opportunities to connect and build relationships with other host companies involved.

If your company would like to get involved in Dream Placement, please register here...

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