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What do I get out of it?

Dream Placement helps you understand the breadth of opportunities in the area and showcases leadership in action so, not only can you make informed choices about your future career, but also develop your confidence and leadership skills, giving you a vision of what you can aspire to in leadership roles.

What if I don't get a placement?

As the scheme has developed and grown we have been keen to ensure that all students who apply benefit in some way. This how is we ensure that is the case:

  • All students are offered one-to-one feedback by telephone on their applications which they can then use in their personal statements and CVs and applications to college etc.
  • Nearly half of the 200 students who apply each year attend a selection event where they have a day of development opportunities, interaction with employers and speed interviews with them. They also get one-to-one feedback on their interviews so they are better equipped next time. Throughout the day they also get to talk to local employers about their interests and ask questions about study routes and career pathways. All students who attend at this stage say that even if they don't win placements the day has been an invaluable experience.
  • Students who gain placements attend a development day with their placement companies prior to the placement to talk through their main aims and goals and are given learning logs to capture their experiences.
  • CfLP have launched a Cumbria Future Leaders Forum for the whole network of students who have ever applied since its inception. Over 850 students have applied for DP since its inception. This represents a significant slice of Cumbrian youth and talent so we want them to benefit as much as possible, build links and relationships with other young people, all the employers involved with the network, be a voice for Cumbria, mentor peers etc and for their own CPD so we have set up a closed LinkedIn group for the employers and young people who are encouraged to build their personal brand. And we have launched the Cumbria Future Leaders Forum, a series of quarterly events.
  • Students who do not get a Dream Placement still benefit from other placement opportunities. All companies benefit from having access to the whole network of young people, companies can send CfLP work experience opportunities and summer placements they may have that we can promote to the network, we can send through filtered applications to the companies if they are looking for someone with a particular interest or skill set of have any apprenticeship vacancies — we can help you. It's all part of being involved with Dream Placement.
  • NEW for Dream Placement 2019 We are in the process of putting together an event to launch the start of applications for Dream Placement 2019. This event, to be held at Energus, will be a career development opportunity for all Year 12 students. The event, which will be for employers, parents and students will include a series of development sessions to help build confidence and useful skills such as application writing, setting up LinkedIn profiles and networking. Students and parents will get the opportunity to meet employers, apprentice providers and further study opportunities.

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