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What the Students Thought of the Selection Event

' Chloe Chambers It has been a really useful experience, even without a placement at the end of it. It was good to meet so many companies, and to work together in the sessions. '
Chloe Chambers, Carlisle Trinity School

' Elle Brown It was a really good day and the work we did in the morning set the scene for the afternoon and gave us all more confidence. You get the feeling that even if it all goes terribly wrong it has still been so worthwhile. '
Elle Brown, aged 17, Nelson Thomlinson School

' Daniel Bitts I think we were all nervous coming here for the selection, but working with the companies beforehand helped us to relax and just go for it in the interviews and be ourselves. It also makes you think about what is on offer here, because you come into contact with fantastic companies you've never even heard about. '
Daniel Bitts, aged 16, Caldew School in Dalston

' Dylan Irving I had done mock interviews before, but this was much more intense, more real. The work we did before the interviews on leadership skills really set you up to go out and promote yourself. '
Dylan Irving, aged 17, Trinity School

' Lucy Brock A lot more enjoyable than I thought it would be. I couldn't do it last year because I was due to be away at half term but I am really glad I have been able to apply this year. It is really beneficial meeting so many different business people and students. Interviews with NNL and Cyclife. It has still been very worthwhile even if I don't get a placement. '
Lucy Brock, West Lakes Academy (17) NNL

' Stephen Gascoigne It has been really enjoyable and good meeting and talking to so many new people. I have attended interviews before but not an event like this. Interviews today with NDA and Sellafield Ltd. Strong on science and looking at the nuclear sector. '
Stephen Gascoigne, Energy Coast UTC (17) Sellafield

' Will Hunter Interviews with NNL and Morecambe Bay NHS Health Trust. Interested in a career in medicine. Did Gen 2 interview last year. Done a 2 day course on careers in medicine. The selection day was a very relaxed experience. '
Will Hunter, Cockermouth School (16) NHS Morecambe Bay HT

' Thomas Kirkbride I feel awkward around people but the atmosphere at the event was very welcoming. Interviewed by Mott Macdonald and Balfour Beatty. I'd like to be an electrical engineer but I don't have any relevant experience, so getting a placement would be a useful step forward. It is the first time I have been to an event like this. Very different and free flowing style of event. '
Thomas Kirkbride, Workington Academy, Balfour Beatty

' Jemima McKenzie Completely surprised by the day and not at all what I expected. Very pro-active. Found the interviews really interesting and good experience. We have mock interviews at school but that is with teachers who already know you — this was totally different and really made you work at giving a good impression and telling them about yourself — using some of the tools from the earlier sessions. Interviews with NDA and Forth Engineering. '
Jemima McKenzie, Keswick School NDA

' Ellie McMinn Interviews with Nugen and Forth Engineering. Interested in a career in project management and engineering. Hope to get an apprenticeship. Star structures session very informative and already using those skills in today's interview to talk about myself more confidently. Heard about Dream Placement in a presentation at school but was not aware of it last year — if I had been I would definitely have applied. '
Ellie McMinn, Keswick School (17) Nugen

' Alex Scales Interviews with REACT Engineering and the NDA. Definitely interested in a career involving science — find nuclear industry fascinating. The whole day has been really good and the experience is useful for the future. '
Alex Scales, Cockermouth School REACT

' Thought it was a really good day and learned lots of useful stuff to use in interviews in the future and presenting myself. Activities really good for confidence building. Want to work in the nuclear sector and have done work experience at Sellafield previously. Interviews with JFN and AMEC Foster Wheeler. '
Thomas Shaw, St Benedicts Catholic High School (17) JFN

' Alisha Tyson The interviews were really interesting and the preparation beforehand was very valuable when it came to meeting the business representatives. Interviewed by Amcor and Nuclear Graduates. Interested in a career in international business and marketing. Both of the companies look like they could offer really interesting careers. I was really worried about the interviews but I feel I have learned so much today. '
Alisha Tyson, West Lakes Academy (17) Nuclear Graduates

' I have been really surprised by the event which has been great. Very different from normal work experience, and I think I will get more out of it. Interviews with Sellafield Ltd and Abbey House. Looking at a career in studying neuroscience and criminology — probably go to University first. '
Saffron Hine, Ulverston Victoria High School

' Interviews with NHS and CN Group. I find interviews quite stressful. I am not very confident and I was terrified beforehand. However, it was nothing like I imagined. Learned about Dream Placement from a presentation at school. Considering a career as a child psychologist or possibly journalism. '
Connie Dobson, Ulverston Victoria High School

' Interviews with Copeland Borough Council and the CN Group. Looking to get on a Higher Apprenticeship. Found the day really interesting — thought it would be a tough day but it was really enjoyable. Met lots of interesting people, and learning to see them in a different way. '
Daniel Miller, Ulverston Victoria High School (aged 19)

' Thought it would be more formal, but it was challenging and lot of fun. Great experience even if I don't get a Dream Placement. Interviews with James Fisher Nuclear and West Lakes Engineering. Want a managing role and to be a team or project leader. '
Lewis Croasdale, Ulverston Victoria High School (17)

' Experience today was very worthwhile and the early sessions on how to present yourself were really useful — I used some of the techniques in the interviews with Abbey House and CN Group. Taking part in Dream Placement will also be a plus point for university applications — a good thing to include. The whole day was less formal than I expected and much more fun. '
Nadine Merrick, Ulverston Victoria High School (17)

' Talked to people who took part in the event last year and they said it was amazing and really valuable, so I decided to apply. Want to study psychology. Thought it would be very intense and put you under a lot of pressure, but it has been really good. The sessions on interview skills helped to build up to the interviews themselves, and gave you more confidence. Met lots of people with similar interests and experiences. Very useful. '
Isabel Postlethwaite, West Lakes Academy (17)

' The experience has been fantastic and is something I can take away with me. Done a similar sort of event with NCS and mock interviews but this was a different set up. Interviews with Gen II and Allerdale Council. Interested in a catering apprenticeship and to study dietetics, so that I can build the skills and experience to eventually start my own business. '
Adam Russell, Cockermouth School (17)

' Really enjoyed the whole day. At UTC you get a lot of opportunities to meet employers and undertake work experience. Would like to go down the engineering route. Interviews with West Lakes Engineering and Atkins. '
Chris Telford, Energy Coast UTC (17)

' I have been determined to go for any opportunity for work experience, so Dream Placement was a natural choice and will look good on my CV. Interviews with NHS and Allerdale Council — want a career in the medical sector. Good to meet new people and hear about their experiences, broadening my network. '
Codie Savage, Keswick School (17)

' Good interview experience and learned useful tips today — it was good personal development. Interviews with Gen II and Doosan Babcock. Want to work in research into antibiotics and pharmaceuticals. (Also met Laura from GSK). '
Max Bawden, St Benedicts Catholic High School (16)

' Learned good interview skills today. Never done an interview before. Met Nuvia and REACT Engineering. Very interested in physics but it was informative talking to the people from the businesses and gave me an insight into what type of engineering I want to do. Also how my career could best develop — perhaps joining a company and then studying for a degree. '
Cameron Bowskill, St Benedicts Catholic High School (17)

' Focused on getting a placement and gathering experience. Currently applying to GSK — very keen to get a Placement there. Interviews with Gen 2 and Glaxo. Great day with useful information from the day about skills, communication and leadership, and good for building self-confidence for further interviews. '
Denize Pilarta, Barrow Sixth Form College (17)

' Interviews with NNL and Cumbria Partnership NHS foundation Trust. Interested in psychology. Today was my first ever interview but the sessions today were very helpful in preparing me for that. '
Rachel Spalding, Cockermouth School (17)

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