Dream Placement Application Form

Students wanting to apply for Dream Placement 2019 should complete the form below.
Please fill in all boxes. Closing date is October 29, 2018.

Note: To be eligible to enter Dream Placement you must:

  • Live in Cumbria or be in full-time education in Cumbria
  • Be aged between 16 and 18 on December 6, 2018
  • Be available to attend all the following events on the dates specified below:
    • Selection Event — Thursday December 6, 2018
    • Development Day — Saturday January 26, 2019
    • Placement Week — Monday 18th to Friday 22nd February 2019
    • Showcase Event — Thursday March 21, 2019

A note before you start:Companies would like to receive applications from as diverse a group of students as possible. This is your opportunity to tell us about your qualities, talents and achievements in all aspects of life, not just academic. Think about examples you could share from your creative, sporting, family and community life.

The companies which are offering Dream Placements will decide who they want to interview at the Selection Event. This application therefore offers you the opportunity to grab the attention of any company you are particularly interested in by mentioning them and explaining why you would be a good fit for them. Equally, if you are open to opportunities from any of the participating companies then that is fine too, you do not have to mention any particular companies.




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School / college:

Please tell us which subjects most interest you at school / college and explain why they interest you.
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What sectors would you be most interested in getting a placement in? Tick as many as you want:



Public administration

Sales and marketing



Transportation and storage

Wholesale and retail

Other (please describe):

Arts, entertainment and recreation

Business management / administration







Human Resources

Law and legal services

Please note: We cannot guarantee that placements will be available in all sectors, nor can we guarantee that companies from your preferred sectors will pick you for interview.

Whilst on Dream Placement, students are often given tasks or projects to complete for their Host Company. Imagine yourself working on the task or project and describe three things that you will bring to the placement that will be of value to the company. These could be types of skill, experience, knowledge, attitude, behaviour or anything else that you think will benefit the company.

Max 100 words

Max 100 words

Max 100 words

The Dream Placement programme includes opportunities for you to learn more about yourself, what you are good at and what areas you could develop more. It will help if you think about this from an employer's point of view i.e. your employability. Please tell us what you think are the areas you would like to develop whilst on the programme to make yourself more employable.
Max 100 words

Whilst each Dream Placement varies, all will offer the chance to experience leadership in action and see how today's leaders work and make vital decisions.

Please tell us what you have learnt about leadership from your own experience, either by being a leader yourself (for example at school or at a club) or by observing others in a leadership role. You can talk about both good and bad experiences:
Max 200 words

What do you want to be doing in 10 years' time?
Max 100 words

Is there anything else you would like to tell us about to support your application? This is your opportunity to tell us what makes you stand out from the crowd. For example you could tell us what you are most proud of / what you have achieved / what challenge you have overcome etc.
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Please note: There will be a 10 second pause when you submit your application.

Next Steps

Once you click 'Send' above you will receive an email confirming that your application has been received. If you do not receive this email within seven days of submitting your application please email sharon.nixon@cforlp.org.uk

After the closing date your application will go through a long-listing process. Companies offering placements will then choose which students they want to interview at the Selection Event. You will be informed whether or not you have been shortlisted in November.

Any questions? Click here and click on 'FAQ' for a list of FAQs (will open in a new tab).

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