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In Cumbria, April 2013

He will share his unique perspective on making decisions under pressure in the free event later this month.

It has been organised in association with Ulverston Business Alliance by the Centre for Leadership Performance as part of its brief to develop and strengthen leadership abilities across the private and public sectors in Cumbria.

The masterclass takes place at Ulverston's Coronation Hall on April 23rd. It will run from 10am to 12 noon with lunch and networking afterwards.

During the session in Ulverston John Peters will talk about his experiences as a pilot under fire, making split second and potentially life-altering decisions under extreme pressure.

He will use his harrowing experiences as a captive and the weeks of torture and interrogation to demonstrate how people can cope and overcome even in the most difficult circumstances.

The theme of the masterclass is 'Coping and Decision Making under Pressure' and John will look at the business of leading under pressure, while providing attendees with insights and tools to improve their ability to cope with uncertainty.

CfLP Managing Director Lesley Bowen said: "By arranging the event in Ulverston we are aiming to draw in a wider audience but we are certain there will be people from West Cumbria who will want to take this chance to hear his presentation."

John Peters is the author of two best-selling books and the award-winning documentary 'Tornado Down'. While still serving with the RAF he led programmes on leadership, safety and human error.

He is the Director of Performance for the Executive MBA at Aston Business School; a Fellow of Kingston Business School and Henley Business School and a former Chair of the Association of MBAs.

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In Cumbria, April 2013

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