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About Leader to Leader

Our next Leader to Leader cohort starts soon.

Places are limited, so please contact the Centre now on 01900 824 822 or email info@cforlp.org.uk to register your interest in joining this unique leadership development programme.



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Could your senior leaders benefit from a programme proven to broaden their horizons, deepen their personal strengths and ultimately make them more effective to deliver value to the business?

Leader to Leader is an eight-month leadership development programme aimed at Senior Leaders who want to improve their leadership performance. The programme offers a highly individual learning journey with time for reflection, observation and application of learning back in the workplace. The eight months allow a gradual, evolving approach with many opportunities to problem solve and integrate learning in a practical and business-focused way.

It has been designed and developed in consultation with Cumbrian businesses who said their leaders often lacked the opportunity to look outside of their own day-to-day work. The programme is very dynamic (definitely not talk and chalk!) and involves shadowing, action learning, a consultancy challenge and on-going peer to peer learning allowing delegates to share ideas and best practice. It provides individuals with a better understanding of the type of leader they are and where they need to grow.

The programme involves an overnight experiential where delegates from each cohort get to know each other and start building trust in a secure environment. As well as shadowing, the programme also involves action learning sets offering delegates the opportunity to explore the type of leader they are, get feedback from their peers and explore areas they need to develop. CfLP supports them on their journey to intimately become better leaders.

The programme involves innovative and effective interventions over an eight month period. Participants examine and compare their individual and organisational business contexts and experiences of leadership and collaborate to produce solutions to key challenges in each organisation.

Former CfLP Managing Director Al Mather, who devised the Leader to Leader programme, explains: "Our programmes take business leaders out of their comfort zones and examine how they perform as leaders, and how they work and interact with others. It equips them with skills that will benefit their current and future roles."

The programme is designed and facilitated by experts from business and academia, bringing together cutting-edge learning and practice in leadership and management. The programme will:

  • Develop the individual competence of your leaders in a unique and practical way
  • Apply new thinking, from different perspectives, to your key organisational and business issues
  • Give your organisation access to a strong and collaborative network of Leader-to-Leader alumni


At the end of the programme, delegates will have:

  • Developed their awareness of self and others in a leadership and personal context
  • Applied new thinking from different perspectives to their key organisational and business issues
  • Learned specific methods and frameworks for enhancing learning, practising observing and critiquing individual leadership styles
  • Developed their ability for collaborative working through mutual support, feedback and awareness of group dynamics
  • Access to a strong and collaborative network of Leader to Leader alumni

Leader to Leader is a dynamic and responsive programme and, because of this, each delegate's learning outcomes will be different and unique. Feedback from Leader to Leader delegates who have completed the programme shows that learning outcomes for participants have included:

  • Increased confidence in leadership approach
  • Ability to delegate more
  • Increased reflection and evaluation skills
  • Increased awareness of self and impact of style on others
  • Appreciation of other leaders and the different challenges they face
  • Learning numerous new tools and techniques to use in the workplace
  • Developing a clear understanding of what makes an effective leader
  • Greater respect from their individual teams
  • Enhanced ability to lead and influence change
  • Increased ability to influence colleagues and stakeholders
  • Improved skills of narrative and the ability to 'tell a story'
  • Learning from fellow leaders in other businesses
  • Widening professional network opportunities
  • Understanding how to empower their team and make them more self-driven
  • The time and space to 'breathe' and be themselves
  • A realisation of the importance of trust, and recognising different types of trust
  • Learning to listen
  • Learning the difference between leadership and management

Benefits to Your Business/Organisation

  • Supported consultancy and problem solving on a major strategic issue per business
  • Greater organisational and team performance
  • Middle managers developed to take up senior management positions
  • Senior managers developed for succession
  • Better retention and development of the most talented leaders
  • More reflective, skilled and self-aware managers

Benefits to the Individual Participant

  • Become a more able and reflective leader
  • Be better able to develop and support the performance of their teams
  • Enhance leadership and problem solving skills, aptitudes and knowledge
  • Confidently contribute to the development of strategy and new business growth, and tackle challenges
  • Gain greater self-awareness and understanding of impact on others
  • Take ideas and practice from differing business contexts to drive innovation in their own organisations
  • Develop broader networks and influence that last


£3,850 per delegate (+VAT)


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View or download the Leader-to-Leader brochure now to read full details about this flagship programme.

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Leader-to-Leader brochure


Find Out More

If you would like more information on the Leader-to-Leader programme, please email info@cforlp.org.uk or phone 01900 824 822 and a team member will be in touch.

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