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Work Awareness Week


North Cumbria University Hospitals Trust and Cumbria Partnership NHS Foundation Trust is working in partnership with the Centre for Leadership Performance (CfLP) to offer an exciting week-long work experience programme for year ten students across North and West Cumbria.

The programme will be of interest to any students wanting to find out more about any of these exciting career opportunities within the NHS:

  • Medical Science/Research (Research Nurse, Pathology etc.)
  • Nursing (Health Care Assistant, Ward Manager, Registered General Nurse etc.)
  • General Practice (Community GP, Acute/Emergency GP etc.)
  • Mental Health (Psychiatrist, Psychologist etc.)
  • Specialist Practice (Neurology, Learning Disabilities etc.)
  • Allied Health Professional (Physiotherapist, Occupational Therapist etc.)

The aim of the programme is to provide students with a real understanding and appreciation of the diversity of job opportunities and work undertaken by the NHS and more specifically, in their chosen area.

There are 14 work experience places per week, which will be offered to the best candidates. The work experience places are aimed at students who see themselves pursuing a medical career in healthcare. The ideal candidate will have a clear idea of their career path and will have already started making steps towards turning that into a reality.

Throughout the week, students will have access and full support from key employees within the NHS with relevant experience; however the students will not come into contact with admitted patients due to Health, Safety and Confidentiality. However the clinicians will be able to answer all of the students' burning questions with real life experiences.

The aims and objectives of the programme are as follows:

  • to cover the basic elements of work experience and employability including hands on, practical tasks and guest speakers.
  • to include soft skills development and leadership and team building exercises.
  • to include a selection criteria and matching process.
  • to be delivered by NHS in Cumbria and their partners where the students will work in a classroom based environment focusing on clinical skills throughout their week's experience.
  • to give students a greater understanding of the work carried out at NHS, as well as benefiting from the experience of a wider range of employees from the health care sector.
  • to make students more aware of the range of opportunities and career and study pathways that exist within the NHS in Cumbria.
  • to give students experience of clinical skills through scenarios.
  • to give students personal development opportunities and develop their skills in teamwork, creative thinking, problem solving and leadership.

By the end of the week students will:

  • have a greater understanding of the work undertaken in their chosen field.
  • be more aware of the range of interlinked roles to gain an understanding of opportunities and job roles that exist within them.
  • have developed skills in team work, creative thinking, problem solving, and leadership.
  • be more confident communicating with others in a range of job roles and organisations.
  • have benefited from the experience of working with a wide range of employees from multiple organisations and be made more aware of the different career paths and study routes.

Applications open on Monday 26 February and will close at midnight on Sunday 25 March. Candidates will be contacted mid-April when shortlisting has been finalised as to whether their application has been successful or not.

Who is this for?

Students must have chosen appropriate GCSEs and be interested in Clinical Research, Nursing, General Practice, Mental Health or another relevant clinical area, for which we can facilitate relevant work experience.

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