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ProjX October 2020

Project Brief

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With our highstreets deserted and consumers moving to online shopping, we want to work with young people to visualise and shape the future of our towns. As part of the wider area re-development that is currently underway in Allerdale and Copeland, the teams will be asked to focus on the design of a new business which would attract people into the local area.

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Local business experts will provide guidance and workshops so that concepts can be presented in a professional manner at the end of the project.

The concept should be creative, and aim to attract visitors both locally and wider. Consideration could be given to the environment impact and sustainability, it should also be within a budget, but also prove to be financially sustainable, adhering to local guidelines and also be operable under current social distancing guidelines.

Below is an overview of the activities that are planned for the week.

  • Introductions; overview of the ProjX program
  • Guidance on how to use the online platforms
  • Activities to get to know each other; setting goals and expectations; introduction to their workbooks
  • A formal 'project briefing' from the client
  • A range of online company sessions
    • What is Project Management?
    • The role of a Human Resources department
    • An Ideation session
    • 3D modelling and design
    • Community engagement
    • Presentation on engineering quality in industry
    • Project finance and costing
    • Marketing and PR
    • Legal considerations
    • Presentation skills
  • Daily reviews of learning and progress towards goals and Project Management work book collation
  • Evaluation of students’ skills and capabilities
  • Assessment and feedback

How it works

The program will run over the October half term week 26th – 30th October and will based around access to a Microsoft Teams platform and Zoom video conferencing. This will be facilitated by CfLP and the students involved would be invited to access this sharing platform. From this a scheduled timetable of company-led workshops, sessions and independent work would be available. Online sessions will be held in the morning with independent time in the afternoon.

The students would be expected to log on daily to attend the scheduled live sessions with the business partners and complete work independently or as groups throughout the week. This would be managed by the CfLP team who would be able to provide support and guidance throughout the programme.

What ICT is required from participants

Access to Microsoft Teams if added as a guest user - using their school email address. This platform will be used as the central means of coordinating participants on the project by CfLP, but also the means by which teams will collaborate and share files.

Access to Zoom meetings. Workshops may be led by external collaborators using this platform, but will be administrated by CfLP.

Many tasks will involve working on professional documents and sharing on forums so a laptop, tablet or home desktop is essential. Phones are not preferable.

Safeguarding and online Safety

The Centre for Leadership performance will work with the schools to ensure that the delivery of the virtual ProjX program adheres to the appropriate safeguarding measure as laid out in the Keeping Children safe in education guidance. This would include making sure a designated Enhanced CRB checked member of staff is present on all conference and video meetings, there will no one to one meeting between students and delivery partners, all meetings will be password protected and CfLP will monitor all information sent via the online sharing platform.

If you have any further questions please contact Nicola at

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