Lifelong leadership learning in Cumbria

CFL: Carenza Curwen

Carenza Curwen is 17 and lives in Whitehaven. She currently studying for A-Levels at West Coast Sixth Form, is Head Girl and also chairs the School Council

“I got into Cumbria Future Leaders last year after learning about it through the Dream Placement programme. I got involved with CFL to improve my confidence and networking skills, but I also believe it is important to help get young voices out into the open and heard by influential people.”

“Through CFL I have been involved in a number of debates, including one on the plans for a coal mine in West Cumbria, when we were sharing a platform with MP Trudy Harrison and Copeland Chief Executive Mike Starkie. Debates are a good way of hearing what young people think, and learning what matters to them.”

“I am going to Northumbria University in September and hope to gain a Bachelor of Science in Geography, which is a good fit for my passion for the environment and the outdoors. I certainly want to come back to live and work in Cumbria, but there needs to be more investment in the county to create more opportunities for young people if you want them to stay or return here.”

“The areas that have more tourism are a lot more interesting and attractive to live in than some of the West Coast towns like Workington and Whitehaven that definitely need more investment. Improving the transport network should also be a priority to help people get around the county if they don’t have a car – which is the case for most young people.”

“I am working hard preparing for my A-levels at the moment and also have a part-time job, but I definitely aim to maintain involvement with Cumbria Future Leaders; it does not take that much time with meetings just once a month, but it is very worthwhile.”

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Lifelong Leadership Learning in Cumbria