Lifelong leadership learning in Cumbria

LLWR Case Study

Coaching case study

Sam Wilson from LLWR took part in 1:1 coaching sessions with CfLP. Sam describes his experience and the effect this has had on his career.

The coaching experience was invaluable to me at this stage of my development. Its people that really interest me and where I get my energy from; so understanding different styles of communication and natural behavioural tendencies, both of others and my own, was really insightful. Catherine provided 1-1 coaching which was refreshing having been on a grad scheme where the sessions were great but you couldn’t always ask those detailed personal questions without holding up 30 other people!

I think it has supported me in developing my own self awareness and helped me to articulate elements of my natural or preferred reactions to situations which I had struggled to do previously. I think if anything the course was also a reminder of the skillset I have and has given me greater confidence in using those skills whilst proactively tackling the areas for improvement which we all have to do but can’t always pin point exactly what those things are or in which order to tackle them!

The coaching has had a profound impact. It is uncommon to have someone listen and converse with you about your personal style, experiences, tendencies, hopes and fears. It was an opportunity to discuss these things which I’m extremely grateful to have been given as it has supported me in really getting to grips with where I am and where I could go in the future.

I would absolutely recommend coaching to others. Having been through the education system, grad schemes, mentorships and starting a professional career in the not too distant past, I feel like 1-1 coaching is vastly underutilised. We still use teaching techniques that were developed in the Victorian era, 30 people sat in rows listening to an individual effectively scratching on a chalkboard (are smart boards / powerpoints / white boards any different?). Catherine’s coaching was bespoke for my needs and on a timescale and undertaken in a tone that was perfect for me whilst working full time. I think this kind of learning will become more prevalent in the imminent future and the CfLP compliment this.

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Lifelong Leadership Learning in Cumbria