Lifelong leadership learning in Cumbria

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Dream Placement is a unique Cumbria initiative. Now in it’s 8th year this leadership development opportunity is open 16-18 year olds and gives you a chance to connect with employers and showcases the breadth of opportunities available in Cumbria. Find out from companies first hand about their experience of the Dream Placement programme.

Emma Porter

Managing Director at Story Contracting

Ruby Brown

Chestnut Project Assistant at GlaxoSmithKline

“We were really delighted with the number of students who wanted to speak to us at the selection event.  GlaxoSmithKline does not have as big a profile as some of the other major players in Cumbria but there was lots of interest.  We have supported Dream Placement from the start, and it has our full backing to help young people to explore their options and make informed choices.  From the business point of view, it raises our profile and we are constantly amazed by the calibre of young people we meet.   We put a lot of work into the programme allowing our placements to experience leadership at every level of the business.  They also learn from the people they meet that there is not just one route for a career – it is a career climbing frame, not a ladder!”

Matthew Tomkinson

Operations Director at Responsive ltd.

“We are an SME and competing against some major players for young talent in Cumbria so Dream Placement is an important platform for us to raise our visibility as an employer.  We work with the Centre for Leadership Performance on a number of different projects involving young people and they are all worthwhile for our business.   

“Christian and Charlotte were outstanding candidates and repaid the time and effort we put into creating an interesting programme for them.  They were really keen to learn about the business and put a lot of work into the project we set for them, talking to a whole range of our employees and customers to determine where our business could be improved.”

Heather Grisedale

Group Employee Experience Advisor at Cumbria Waste Group & Orian Solutions Ltd

2This was our first year taking part in Dream Placement but we have previously worked with the CfLP on Bright Stars which was been very successful and enjoyable.  Dream Placement is a good way of raising our profile with young people, and also drawing attention to issues around recycling and dealing with waste. Our placement student was fantastic – interested and enthusiastic which was a good return on all the work we put into the plan for the week.  Jesse was taken to a number of different sites to show the sort of work we do on waste handling and facilities management (Orion).  I also really enjoyed coaching and mentoring him during his time with us; seeing the business through his eyes gave a refreshing perspective on what we do.”

David Robinson

Early Careers Co-ordinator at Story Construction

“The students coming through Dream Placement seem to improve every year and it is tremendously difficult to make a choice at the selection day with candidates of such outstanding calibre. 

“Hosting the Dream Placements gives us the chance to take a very close look at teenage applicants and the ones actually selected get a lot of attention to ensure we get a clear picture of their potential.  Our normal recruitment route involves the conventional advertising, interviews and assessments, but Dream Placement takes that to a much higher level.  It also creates a broad awareness of the career opportunities that we offer, and signposts that we are looking for talented, personable and reliable young people, so the collaboration with the Centre for Leadership Performance is extremely worthwhile for the Story Group.”

Lifelong Leadership Learning in Cumbria