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West Lakes Academy ProjX Week 2021

Case study

West Lakes Academy Students took part in a ProjX Work Awareness week in March 2021

The Brief

The brief was for the teams to focus on a concept for the temporary use on a piece of derelict land in Workington and show how it would attract people into the local area.

The site is the former Opera House building, which, once demolished, will leave behind a piece of land that the council are looking to re-purpose.

The students were working on a budget for the capital costs for repurposing the site of a £500,000 funding grant and any proposed use is to be self-sustaining from a revenue perspective. The development concept was to be commercially appealing, to locals and tourists, and benefit the local community, appealing to younger generations coming into the town.

The concept was to consider the environmental impact, sustainability and any Health and Safety considerations in place due to the impact of Covid-19.

What solutions did the teams come up with?

Team 1 ‘Ice-ing on the Cake’
Company name: Workington Ice Enterprise
Team 1’s concept was to use the space to create an entertainment location that includes an ice rink, as well
as space for cafes and other small businesses. The plan was to rent out an ice rink with the equipment
needed and rent out the remaining free space to small businesses.
Team 2
Company name: Outdoor Cinematic Productions Limited
Team 2’s concept was to use the space as an open air cinema, showing sports events, movies, etc. The space
would also include food and beverage stalls and soft play/games areas.


I enjoyed taking part in the ProjX Work Experience Week.


Strongly Agreed

I feel more informed about the world of work


Strongly Agreed or Agreed

I have a greater understanding of the work options available


Strongly Agreed or Agreed


It was really helpful and informative and confirmed the career I want to go into as engineering.
ProjX 2021 West Lakes Academy Student 1
I learnt a lot more about the importance of every single job and the time and effort put into them.
ProjX 2021 West Lakes Academy Student 2
A positive point about the experience was the helpful leaders: Nicola, Michelle and James that made the experience so positive and fun because they were so helpful. I also enjoyed the talks from different fields. I particularly enjoyed the marketing session, as it was very interesting and the speaker was…read more
ProjX 2021 West Lakes Academy Student 3
I would definitely recommend the ProjX work experience to other students, as it was a very fun and informative experience, as well as it being so different to anything else I’ve ever done before….read more
ProjX 2021 West Lakes Academy Student 4
A really good experience and very helpful to learn new things, gain confidence and team working skills
ProjX 2021 West Lakes Academy Student 4

Lifelong Leadership Learning in Cumbria