Corona Virus Update

Unfortunately due to current situation with Coronavirus we have taken the decision to cancel all shortcourses due to run for the rest of the academic year.

We plan to reschedule these course from September. If you have any topics or courses that you would like us to cover in our next programme of courses then please don't hesitate to email us on

For reference a list of courses we planned for the year are below:

Date Topic Summary
Wed, 15th April 2020 Emotional Intelligence for Leaders Many individuals face challenging workplace situations which can become a source of stress. A greater understanding of their emotional intelligence and how to manage it will help individuals better navigate workplace stressors. The course will address individual’s own Emotional Intelligence and how they can better understand themselves and interpret others. The workshop will teach ways for individuals to focus on what drives their emotional intelligence and what steps can be taken to improve this.
Tue, 28th April 2020 Leading High Performance Teams This workshop will provide leaders with the knowledge & skills to engage and support teams effectively. Incorporating best practice and the latest thinking, you will be able to assess the current performance of your team and identify strategies to increase engagement, motivation, commitment, productivity & agility.
Tue, 19th May 2020 Leadership - The First Steps Appointing someone into their first leadership position is a risk, to them, the team and the organisation. While they may have proven themselves worthy of promotion by demonstrating high levels of skill and knowledge in their arena, how prepared are they for the other, crucial aspect of the role, leading the team? This workshop will provide new and aspiring leaders and managers with the understanding they require to make their first steps count.
Thu, 18th June 2020 Developing an Effective Board When it comes to board effectiveness, all boards need to continue to develop the value they add to the organisation they serve. To do this, the board needs to work in an effective, collaborative way whilst paying attention to all the aspects of the context in which it operates. With Boards facing greater choice, challenge and scrutiny than ever before, this is an opportunity to review activity and improve effectiveness. The course considers vision and strategy, governance, risk management and performance monitoring processes.
Thu, 16th July 2020 Managing the Performance of Others Inspiring, encouraging and supporting the performance of others is a fundamental skill for leaders and managers. The course is designed to equip them with the skills, knowledge and attitude required to manage performance effectively, considering both day to day conversations and the appraisal process.

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