Theme: Business Growth
Masterclass Guest Speaker: Ian Cooper


On October 9, 2013, the Centre for Leadership Performance welcomed Ian Cooper to Energus Workington for a Masterclass on the theme of Business Growth. These quarterly Leadership Masterclasses aim to encourage and nurture aspirations of local business leaders and help to develop leadership capabilities across all sectors of Cumbria.


As the author of the Financial Times Guide To Business Development: How To Win Profitable Customers and Clients, Ian Cooper is an internationally acclaimed business and personal success speaker. He is also the editor of the Financial Times Guide to Business Development blog.

Having written 14 books, published in 13 languages and 55 countries, Ian is one of the most widely published non-fiction authors in the world. He is also a hugely experienced and successful business development consultant who has advised and helped over 800 businesses of all sizes in many sectors to become more profitable.

In addition to all this, Ian also has more than 30 years of entrepreneurial success in his own right, having created and run several successful businesses.

The Session

Ian is particularly known for his lively, humorous, down to earth and anecdotal style that inspires, educates and entertains. Ian shared with the audience his experiences and those of others, who have successfully developed their business by generating profitable customers and clients. He offered advice on what business managers and leaders can do differently to make their organisation more successful, whilst giving examples of what to do and what not to do in order to gain repeat business, win new customers and maximize business growth.

What People Say

' Ian does not preach or hector but his insights into how business is getting it wrong are delivered with his usual gentle humour. Ian Cooper's book is packed with jaw-dropping anecdotes of opportunities lost and custom going begging because suppliers of goods and services have forgotten who their customers are and what they actually want. '
Len Tingle, BBC broadcaster/writer on business issues

' His simple, no nonsense approach to business development and practical advice regarding customer service provides a recipe for success for any business regardless of size. '
Wendy Atkin-Smith, Managing Director, Viking River Cruises UK Limited

' Ian Cooper has a phenomenal understanding of the importance of delivering world-class service to your clients and customers. This is a game changer for any business wishing to grow and develop! '
Viv Williams, CEO, 360 Legal Group

' We have used Ian Cooper's considerable skills on many occasions and he has shown us how to increase our conversion rates from 30% to 75%. '
Martyn Morgan, Managing Partner, QualitySolicitors Talbots

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