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David Bryon

Ex BMI Baby boss David Bryon may be a high flyer but he's firmly grounded in his smart approach to business. David shared his insights on business growth and leadership with local companies to kick start the first in the series of Leadership@Lunch based at West Lakes Science Park.

Sponsored by Britain's Energy Coast and organised by the Centre for Leadership Performance, the event held at the Samuel Lindow Building at Westlakes Science Park and was attended by over 45 business leaders, many of whom are based at the park. This informative and highly engaging session saw delegates take flight on their Cumbrian Airlines adventure. As Managing Director of low cost airline BMI Baby David Bryon grew the small operation into a £400 million turnover business inside 4 years, a terrific achievement in the highly challenging and competitive aviation sector.

Some of the successful strategies which underpinned that growth can work just as well in other sectors from major corporations to SMEs, according to David.

Drawing on his background in the airline industry, David challenged delegates to set up their own airline and start thinking of all the vital ingredients that that airline - and most other businesses - need to be successful. David talked about the need for great leadership and building the right teams but also the 8 Cs of running any business: Compliance, Competition, Cash Flow, Cost Control, Challenge, Change, Communication and Customer service.

The feedback from this event has been great "extremely informative and highly engaging. David shared a lot of his knowledge that is beneficial to almost any industry."

"Bringing business leaders to our doorstep is a great opportunity for us to get another person's perspective and help develop myself as a leader"

David Bryon, Shelly Gambles BEC, Sarah Glass CforLP

From left: David Bryon, Shelly Gambles from BEC, Sarah Glass from CfLP


David Bryon is the former Managing Director of BMI Baby, one of the UK's largest low cost airlines. Now enjoying a successful media career, combining professional speaking, writing and TV presenting as well as working with airports and airlines to raise their media exposure.

After completing a degree and PhD at the University of Liverpool, David moved to America and became involved with the early evolution of the internet and e-commerce. In 2000, David Bryon returned to the UK to take up employment with BMI, and then in 2002 he was part of the senior management team that set up the low cost carrier BMI Baby. Employed as Commercial Director for the new airline, after only 18 months in the position he was appointed Managing Director.

Since leaving this position in 2006, David Bryon has proven to be an outstanding keynote speaker and after dinner speaker. David's sense of humour and airline knowledge provides a hilarious and unique insight into the aviation industry that the passenger rarely sees.

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