Theme: Collaboration
Short Course: Leading Across Boundaries


Building on the Centre's theme of collaboration, CfLP was delighted to offer the Leading Across Boundaries short course in partnership with Ashridge Business School. Ashridge Business School is one of the top business schools in Europe for executive education.

Leading Across Boundaries was aimed at businesses and organisations that need to partner and collaborate successfully with others to achieve success on big projects. Big projects are notorious for missed deadlines, overspending and unhappy customers. The National Audit Office report on Initiating Successful Projects (2011) states: 'the evidence shows that two-thirds of public sector projects are completed late, over budget or do not deliver the outcomes expected.'

The session enabled participating organisations to:

  • Work more effectively with partners, suppliers and customers to create win-win outcomes
  • Develop new ways of working in partnerships to improve performance and drive efficiencies
  • Understand and improve divisional or cross-functional working within organisations
  • Develop and manage more sustainable and mutually beneficial stakeholder, client and supplier relationships

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