June Workshop 2017:
The Mindful Leader
Sue Roberts

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Date: Tuesday June 13, 2017
Time: 10am – 4pm (including lunch)
Where: CfLP Office, Cockermouth Town Hall   Show Me


For many organisations the last few years have seen ever increasing demands to work 'smarter' and increase efficiency whilst downsizing the work force. For those left within organisations who have 'survived' the restructures and constant change it can feel at moments as if the demands of work are overwhelming. Whilst the individuals who remain may feel committed to both their work and their colleague's welfare, there are often reports of people experiencing symptoms of 'burnout' and stress and not knowing how to look after themselves or support those around them effectively.

This interactive workshop was designed to enable you to take a step back from the daily pressures and to develop strategies to increase your ability to look after yourself and support others effectively. It drew upon the latest thinking from a number of leading practitioners in mindfulness and well-being. It aimed to equip you with the awareness and potential to develop tools and techniques to look after yourself both personally and professionally, to be present and focussed and develop awareness of your response to situations.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this workshop, delegates were able to:

  • Understand the benefits of becoming a mindful manager
  • Define what being mindful means and identify the key skills of mindfulness and how to develop these
  • Identify your current strengths and strategies to look after yourself against key criteria
  • Be able to identify the early signs of 'burnout' and stress in yourself and others
  • Have practiced techniques to manage stress and keep a clear head when the pressure is on
  • Understand how to support and lead others more mindfully
  • Clarify actions to develop a more mindful approach

Course Content

During the workshop we considered/undertook the following issues/activities:

  • Defining mindfulness
  • Developing awareness of being 'present'
  • Understanding the importance of 'purpose' as a mindful leader
  • Exploring the key themes of mindful practice
  • Identifying stress triggers in yourself and others
  • Applying mindfulness to everyday situations
  • Identify actions to become a more mindful leader

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