January Workshop 2018:
Developing Resilience
Sue Roberts

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Date: Wednesday January 17, 2018
Time: 10am – 4pm (including lunch)
Where: CfLP Office, Cockermouth Town Hall   Show Me


For many organisations the last few years have seen ever increasing demands to work 'smarter' and increase efficiency whilst downsizing the workforce.

For those left within such organisations who have 'survived' the restructures and constant change it can feel at moments as if the demands of work are overwhelming. Whilst the individuals who remain may feel committed to both their organisation and their colleague's welfare, there are often reports of people experiencing symptoms of 'burnout' and stress and not knowing how to look after themselves or support those around them effectively.

This interactive, one day workshop was designed to enable participants to take a step back from the daily pressures and to develop strategies to increase their ability to look after themselves and support others effectively. It drew upon the latest thinking on developing resilience and combined key concepts of personal mastery, mindfulness and well-being. It aimed to equip individuals with the awareness and potential to develop tools and techniques to look after themselves both personally and professionally whatever their role may be.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this workshop, delegates were able to:

  • Understand that resilient attitudes and habits can be learned and know that they are proven to enhance performance, leadership and well-being at work
  • Identify strategies to bounce back from adversity quicker
  • Develop an understanding of the importance of self-care during periods of high demands and pressure
  • Increase flexibility and confidence and acquired a stronger sense of being in control when faced with uncertainty
  • Know how to build strong supportive relationships with colleagues and the members of their teams and know when and where to ask for help when it is needed
  • Raise awareness of tools and exercises for improving each of the 7 resilience skills
  • Have the ability to stay motivated and focused whist using resilient leadership strategies to maintain morale in others
  • Change previous unhelpful responses to pressure to more effective resilient ones
  • Clarify actions to develop resilience both individually and within teams

Course Content

During the workshop we considered/undertook the following issues/activities:

  • Defining Resilience
  • How to create focus in a busy working day
  • Developing self-awareness — what we do to encourage or undermine our personal resilience
  • Identify burnout triggers and how to manage/avoid these more effectively
  • Explore tools and strategies to develop resilience using Reivich and Shatte "7 skills of resilience"
  • Review and plan for application

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