Lifelong leadership learning in Cumbria

Project brief

The Leading Change Programme is brought to you by the Centre for Leadership Performance (CforLP), a not-for-profit leadership development company working to develop Cumbria’s Leaders for Today and Tomorrow.

The programme was designed by CforLP and successfully piloted in Workington Academy thanks to Transforming West Cumbria #CANDO funding.  The key programme aims are to:

The programme also provides opportunities for employers to seek young people’s views on some of today’s key challenges and for young people to be part of the solutions.

We are thrilled to be building on the success of this programme, working in partnership with Sellafield Ltd on an inclusive ‘Leading Change- Sustainability Campaign’ Programme, funded by Sellafield Ltd.  The programme is project managed by CforLP and will be delivered in partnership with Sellafield Ltd, local businesses, schools and young people and aims to put sustainability at the heart of the curriculum, provide young people with opportunities to lead change in their local communities and make them more aware of the global sustainability goals.

The Leading Change Sustainability Campaign Programme is open to all secondary schools and colleges in Copeland and Allerdale.

Each participating school will receive £250 seed funding to develop their campaign ideas which must be linked to the UN sustainable development goals.  The students will work with their business mentors to use their funding to develop their own campaigns to bring positive change to their local communities.  At the end of the programme (or mid-way through) participants will present their ideas to Sellafield Ltd and other key partners, who will then award a further £1500 to implement their sustainability plans and make their ideas a reality!!

Throughout the programme young people will be supported by local business mentors to develop their sustainability campaign ideas. The students will need to approach this like they would a business, developing a campaign and business plan, whilst also thinking about other business functions including finance, marketing, and project management. Students will also meet with local sustainability experts and have the chance to get a better understanding of the vital role they play in leading change in their communities.

The Leading Change programme is open to students from year 7 through to year 13, it will be the schools who decide which group of young people would benefit from taking part in this exciting opportunity. Over the course of this 8 to 12 week programme we require the students to send weekly updates on their progress.  All participating schools will be able to check other schools’ updates and see what all the other schools taking part are doing.

At the end of the programme, we aim to bring everyone back together to celebrate their achievements at a virtual celebration event to hear all about their fantastic ideas and learning.

This programme will be very much led by the young people who will own and shape the Sustainability Campaign plans based on the needs of their local communities. This programme will inspire and nurture future aspirations, empower young people to make decisions, to make commitments and ultimately to make a difference to their local communities. We know from our other CforLP enterprise programmes that sort of activity can be a life-changing experience for young people, broadening their horizons and instilling a new confidence in themselves, and in their futures.

The programme encourages and nurtures creative thinking; develops self-confidence as they showcase hidden talents in an accessible way and develops links between young people, secondary schools, local businesses, charities and third sector. The Leading Change Sustainability programme will provide opportunities for students to build on key skills through different learning interventions and gives them a voice – to have their views heard and make them feel empowered to lead and influence change in their local communities. Pupils will also be exposed to positive business role models and get a greater understanding of local skills and careers in the local area.

We would love schools to register their interest at this stage and we will then host a partner meeting where we will work with schools to seek input and ideas.

Please email by the end of April to register your interest.

In the meantime, if you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact Nicola Woolley on 07917415322 or at

Lifelong Leadership Learning in Cumbria