Lifelong leadership learning in Cumbria

‘Moving On’

Over the past several weeks, the Centre for Leadership Performance has been working with young people at the Whitehaven Foyer in a scheme funded by the Cumbria Community Foundation. Entitled Moving On, the scheme is helping to prepare these young adults to make the transition into independent living. The scheme forms part of the CforLP’s Early Careers provision which supports the transition into higher education and work.

In a series of Tuesday evening workshops, the group has taken part in sessions covering communication, budgeting, shopping and food preparation and Fire Safety (delivered by Lyn English from Cumbria Fire and Rescue) with future topics being home finances (delivered by Abigail and Pamela from Rachael Bell Wealth Management) and the basics of repair and maintenance. These workshops have focused on developing the group’s everyday leadership skills and, in particular, the 5 key leadership characteristics of Vision, Self-Belief, Efficacy, Collaboration and Resilience.

The group have shown great levels of engagement and have developed new skills, as well as building on existing ones.

The Whitehaven Foyer is a charity that provides a safe place for young people tolive, learn and make the transition to independent adulthood. 

Lifelong Leadership Learning in Cumbria