Dream Placement 2022 has got the biggest ever line up of companies and organisations.

Cumbria’s unique leadership and business experience programme Dream Placement 2022 has got the biggest ever line up of companies and organisations eager to host students for the February half term week.

Cumbria Future Leaders plays a vital role in the Dream Placement programme with every 16-18 year old applicant encouraged to embrace the opportunities offered by CFL.

More than 2,000 young people have so far been involved with this unique Cumbrian leadership development programme which is funded by businesses that share a commitment to invest in the county’s young people.

Dream Placement applicants benefit from engaging with other young people and with business leaders, sharing experiences and aspirations through Cumbria Future Leaders. The active youth network now involves almost 1000 young people connecting and brokering links with employers and other youth groups for dialogue and discussions.

Almost 200 young people have applied for placements and they will all have the opportunity take part in dynamic online activities and individual engagement to gain maximum benefit from taking part, in terms of personal development and gaining life skills.

Centre for Leadership Performance Executive Director Sarah Glass says their team has been absolutely blown away by the enthusiasm from Cumbria employers with 40 of them signing up for the collaborative programme, and even more lined up to take part in 2023.

She explains:

“The programme would not exist without the support of our partners within the county’s business community who recognise the need to connect with young people and have demonstrated the value they place upon it by supporting Dream Placement.”

Young people aged 16-18 can learn about career opportunities and interact with leaders within companies operating in Cumbria, and bosses can connect directly with their future workforce, to discover their dreams and ambitions.