Lifelong leadership learning in Cumbria

Become a Governor

Ann-Marie Steel, Chair of Governors at Eaglesfield Paddle Academy shares her experience.

“I’m Ann-Marie and I am Chair of Governors at Eaglesfield Paddle Academy. I have been a governor for 8 years and Chair for the last 5 years.  I became a governor to give back to the education system that all my children have benefitted from. I strongly believe our children deserve the very best start they can have and schools need support  with their strategic direction and decision making to allow children to reach their potential.

The role allows you to gain a variety of new skills and be able to share and develop the ones you already have, from finance, risk management, recruitment and health and safety to name but a few. I would strongly encourage anyone to think about the role. It’s not all work, we do enjoy fun times too with school trips, parties  and residentials.”

West Cumbria currently has a shortage of volunteers offering to be school governors, don’t let our region down, visit our dedicated pages and find out how you can make a difference and the schools that need your help right now.  Get in touch and we will help you gain the skills to support our schools.

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Lifelong Leadership Learning in Cumbria