Lifelong leadership learning in Cumbria

Community Climate Champions Coordinator, CAfS

Cumbria Action for Sustainability has an exciting new opportunity for young people 18+ to become one of their Climate Champions.

CAfS is now recruiting 20 people from across Cumbria to join a growing network of Community Climate Champions – people who, following in depth training and support, will be able to take a leadership role in their community to communicate about the climate crisis and possibly kickstart positive actions to reduce emissions. 

Open to all aged 18+. We especially welcome applications from individuals on a low income, individuals in areas without an existing sustainability group or from anyone who feels that their voice, or the voice of their community is under-represented in the climate movement. 

BENEFITS:  This is an unpaid role, with  benefits including:

  • A free full-day accredited Carbon Literacy training session (worth £139). We also hope to arrange a one day Zero Carbon Britain training (Centre for Alternative Technology) as an optional extra for those who wish to attend.  
  • Increased skills and abilities in delivering climate training and/or climate conversations.  
  • Improved confidence and empowerment through opportunities to be mentored during the process.  
  • The chance to be part of a structured and supported network of people who can learn from each other.   
  • Social opportunities, including forums, a buddying system, group and one-to-one chances to get the tailored support you need to enjoy and make a difference in this role.    
  • The opportunity to have costs met to enable you to deliver the training, for example venue costs, Microsoft Office subscription, Zoom Pro accounts or a webcam.  
  • The opportunity to build skills and experience that could support a future application to be a paid freelance carbon literacy trainer. 


  • Roughly 4-5 hours/month August onwards, following 10 hours of induction and training in July/August.  
  • Starting from August, ideally champions would each run at least one session every 2 months. This could be an hour or 90-minute session or a quick climate conversation café session or a reading group or giving a talk to a small local group.  

How to apply: 

Deadline: Wednesday 6th July at 9am

Questions? Contact 

Lifelong Leadership Learning in Cumbria