ProjX 2020

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Overview of ProjX

The ProjX programme offers Year 10 students a week-long interactive work experience, which features a multi-disciplinary project working with a range of organisations within the nuclear supply chain. Student ‘employees’ come together to work on a business project, getting exposure to the range of employers and professions.

The project raises awareness of how collaboration is needed on any project whilst showcasing the different range of roles needed; for example HR, health and safety, finance, project management, marketing and communications. Students gain awareness and experience of the different skills and behaviours needed to succeed in delivering successful projects within the nuclear supply chain.

Participating students:

  • gain a greater understanding of the range of disciplines and job roles; mimicking as far as possible a multi-disciplinary and multi-partner work project
  • have a multi -disciplinary experience – with exposure to a wider range of job roles and skills within the nuclear supply chain
  • develop skills in problem solving, collaboration, innovation as well as leadership, team work, communication and planning
  • be involved in planning, designing, implementing, presenting and reviewing their project, exposing them to a range of situations, skills and job roles

Participating employers:

  • have the opportunity to talk about their business, how it fits into the supply chain and the kind of job roles and skills required
  • support the students in delivering their project, giving advice and feedback
  • work with students and develop an understanding of their capabilities and perspectives on work and employment
  • collaborate with other local businesses to provide a meaningful work experience for young people

Other useful information:

  • The programmes are funded by Sellafield Limited
  • Programme coordination and management by CfLP
  • Liaison with schools by CfLP
  • Programme is top and tailed by CfLP with leadership skill development

Download the Press Release from July 2019

To find out more, contact or call 01900 824822.

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Feedback on 2019

Miss Angela Messenger- Teacher Year 10 Cockermouth
Wow!!! Just wow.
Thank you so much for everything you have done for our students this week.
 The smiles on their faces and the sheer enthusiasm for the project says it all.

Poppy Watson - Cockermouth School Pupil
I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed this week, Really appreciated all the input from the organisations, everybody was lovely.
I will be looking out for the dream placements in the next few years.
Craig Hatch, Group Managing Director of WYG Group
It was great for WYG to be part of ProjX 2019. We were pleased to be able to contribute to enabling an opportunity for such a bright cohort of students to learn and develop their ideas in a structured format alongside some great partners. I am sure that following this pilot, ProjX will become a staple in the schools experience programmes in west Cumbria.
Richard Askew, Partner in Armstrong Watson
Supporting our local secondary schools with projects like this is a key part of making sure our students of today are work ready when they become our employees and entrepreneurs of tomorrow.
Carol Watson, Director of Lakes Escapes
It takes months to come up with a game so what the students created in a week was very exciting to watch. Each one played a part in the project process, and to watch them grow as the week went on made us proud to be involved.
Simon Walker - NNL
It has been fantastic to help guide the young people in the creative ‘ideation’ sessions and to watch as each with their own interests, skills and knowledge, made their own contribution to make to the group, and how they started to work together as a team.
Red Pike Education
we really enjoyed being involved in ProjX 2019 Yr10 work experience programme. The students from Netherhall School were amazing; they achieved so much in just a week. Their ideas were so creative and their final presentations highly professional. Prospects for the future..


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