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Overview of ProjX

This innovative online work awareness program offers students the opportunity to work with a range of local business offering an insight into the range of roles and skills needed to deliver against any professional project.

The program provides students with an opportunity to develop and hone a range of skills and explore different interests as it provides exposure to a range of businesses, job roles and skills sets. This will help develop a number of transferable skills, including communication, problem solving, leadership & teamwork as well as the use of online platforms which have become more relevant to the modern way of working.

The program offers students applying the chance to get their ideas heard and visualise how they see the future of their towns and local area.

The sessions will take place via video conferencing so the students never have to leave their homes but will still be able to access an amazing program meeting and working with a wide range of employers and professionals.




Iona explains why she applied and the skills she gained from taking part in July.


Rachel from Lakes College explains why she volunteered and why you should get involved.


Danielle from Jacobs explains why she volunteered and why you should get involved.


How do I take part?

To secure your place on this innovative program, which takes place 26th - 30th October, just complete our simple online application form by 9th October 2020

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The October ProjX will offer students in yr 10 and 11 a week-long work awareness program, which features a multi-disciplinary project working with a range of organisations, including those in the nuclear supply chain, public section and SMEs.

Students will work on this exciting project brief with full support from the Centre for leadership performance’s experienced team alongside ProjX business partners. The student ‘employees’ will be split into teams to work collaboratively together on this business project over MS-Teams.

The program will raise awareness of how collaboration is needed on any project whilst showcasing the different range of roles need for example HR, health and safety, project management, marketing and communications. Students will gain awareness and experience of the different skills and behaviours needed to succeed in delivering successful projects within the nuclear supply chain and beyond.

The intention is that by participating in the program students will:

  • gain a greater understanding of the range of disciplines and job roles in a workplace, mimicking as far as possible a multi-disciplinary and multi-partner work project.
  • gain experience of project management and business functions through real work scenarios.
  • further develop skills in problem solving, collaboration, innovation as well as leadership, team work, communication and planning.
  • be involved in planning, designing, implementing, presenting and reviewing their project, exposing them to a range of situations, skills and job roles.

The companies will guide the students through the various sessions, which will be delivered via professional online meeting platforms, providing focused input and expertise to the project. They will be able to explain to the students how their business works, how it fits into the supply chain, the kind of job roles and skills required. The Centre for Leadership Performance dedicated and experienced team will facilitate and project manage the program and will provide support to students throughout the program to ensure students get the most from their ProjX experience.

If you would like to find out more about the brief, how it will work, what ICT requirements are required or safeguarding and online Saftey. You can do so here.

If you would like to find out what ideas the students presented in July and find out what they and the partners thought. You can do so here.

If you have any further questions please contact Nicola at

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