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Bright Stars


Bright Stars is an award-winning competition aimed at primary school children across Cumbria. Each school receives £50 in seed funding with a simple instruction to set up their own mini social enterprise over the course of 8 weeks and, through creativity, grow that investment, making a difference to their world and the lives of people around them. CforLP links a local business to its local school to offer guidance and encouragement throughout the trading period. The programmes aims are to raise aspirations, ignite interest in the world of work, and nurture creativity in primary pupils.

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Are you interested in taking part?

There is FREE funding available to take part in a future competition, contact to learn more or:

What is the aim of Bright Stars?

  • Bright Stars gives children at primary age a programme where they can see the opportunities around them
  • To develop ongoing relationships between primary schools across Cumbria and their local business community
  • To introduce leadership and social entrepreneurship from a young age in a fun and accessible way
  • To raise the aspirations, confidence and self-belief of young people across primary schools in Cumbria as they showcase hidden talents
  • To get young people excited about the world of work and gain an understanding of business and enterprise
  • To encourage and nurture creative thinking
  • To develop skills in teamwork and leadership from an early age
  • To create careers awareness from a young age and link learning to local careers
  • To empower children to influence change in their local communities

Bright Stars Spring Summer 2023

Young entrepreneurs developed innovative social enterprises that made both a profit and a difference during The Bright Stars spring summer 2023 competition.

Learn more about the winners fabulous Social Enterprises here

School Videos

Who has been involved?

A wide range of companies have been involved with Bright Stars over the years. Take a look at who was involved in Bright Stars 2023 below.

Bright Stars Spring and Autumn 2023 Banner


Read below to find out the experiences of the companies and schools that have taken part in Bright Stars.

Bright stars has really lived up to its name. We have developed a school full of Bright Stars who have gained so much knowledge about the world of work and how to run a company. The competition has given our children so many opportunities, beyond what we anticipated. Thank you…read more
Fiona Stobbart, Walton and Lees Hill CE Primary School
I have been involved with Bright Stars since its inception – first as a head teacher and then as chair of the judging panel for the last two years. I have seen the scheme grow and also been able to appreciate the tremendous value it offers to the children involved,…read more
Alex Wilkinson- Cumbria Primary Heads Association
The aim of Bright Stars is to open young children’s eyes to the excitement of entrepreneurship and build confidence by working as a team to run a mini business. Raising the aspiration and confidence of Cumbria’s young people is a vital part of the CfLP’s work. We work with leaders…read more
Sarah Glass, Executive Director- CfLP
It is always so rewarding to be a part of the Bright Stars competition. Not only does it strengthen relationships between schools and businesses, it is also such a joy to observe the journey that the children set foot on and all of the skills they acquire along the way….read more
Clary Hayes- Orian Solutions
Engaging with the Bright Stars Competition has been a memorable event for school. The children’s enthusiasm working with a business partner meant that they learnt transferable skills, became closer to our local community and made a real difference to some of the members of our community….read more
Gary Birkett- Newbarns Primary and Nursery School
Bright Stars generates a tremendous feelgood factor for our staff and it reflects the pride which our business has in the local community. There is also a longer-term benefit – creating awareness among the children of career opportunities which exist within local companies….read more
Jayne Moorby -Oxley Developments
“it’s not like learning, it’s just brilliant!” When a child says that, and you know how much they have really learned, that is truly inspirational learning design.
Pete Davison- Victoria Academy
AECOM have a slogan. Imagine it. Delivered. In week one of competition one of the Ennerdale Bright Stars came up with their equivalent – Small School. Big Minds! This epitomises the passion that the school has thrown at the challenges….read more
Dave Weatherburn-AECOM
A wonderful opportunity for our Year 1 children to get an insight into how the business world works.
Tannya Digedan- High Hesket
The children absolutely loved taking part in this project. They worked brilliantly and had so much fun learning loads about business. The raised £160.00 and did the majority of the work independently. All of the proceeds will be going towards making a community wildlife area on our school field. Carl…read more
Lynne Robinson, St. Cuthbert’s RC Primary School
The children have absolutely loved it and it’s rare that lessons and skills like the ones they have learnt over the past 8 weeks come up in our normal class work. It’s been great to see the children embrace Bright Stars and run with the smoothie idea. They have all…read more
Broughton Moor Primary School
We have enjoyed working together, making money, having fun and being creative.
Pupil from Montreal Church of England Primary School
Bright Stars has had a huge impact on our school. It has brought our local community closer to the school, through the coffee morning. It has allowed parents and carers to share in the work the children have been up to. Through working with Forth Engineering it has allowed us…read more
Netherton Infant School
Bright Stars has had a huge impact on our school. It has brought our local community closer to the school, through the coffee morning. It has allowed parents and carers to share in the work the children have been up to. Through working with Forth Engineering it has allowed us…read more
Netherton Infant School

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Lifelong Leadership Learning in Cumbria