Lifelong leadership learning in Cumbria

Work Awareness Volunteering


We are passionate about supporting students to gain a greater understanding of a range of local businesses, employers and organisations across Cumbria and benefit from meaningful engagements with them.

These programmes allow students to further develop a large range of transferable skills in problem-solving, collaboration, creativity, innovation as well as leadership, teamwork, communication, and planning. Embedding skills development and opportunities for pupils to develop key leadership skills needed for the future.

Your business however large or small can be involved in delivering these meaningful experiences to students. These smaller sessions are timetabled together to allow for a full and meaningful programme for the students. We are looking for volunteers from all sectors.

These fully project managed sessions programmes allow you to :

  • Deliver a session in your area of expertise
  • Volunteer from just 1 hour
  • Benefit from great PR and brand awareness
  • To connect with future talent
  • To develop your own skills
  • To contribute to meaningful work experience for young people in Cumbria.

Why get involved

When asked if volunteering on the programme made a difference to:

Their sense of giving something back

100 % said this was

better or much better

Their wellbeing and motivation

100% said this was

better or much better

Their skills development

87.5% said this was

better or much better


Seeing the young people develop their ideas and articulate their concepts in front of a largish unknown group of professionals, made me extremely proud of our young people and humbled to be part of the project led by CfLP…read more
Cath Howard- BEP
The ProjX programme is a fantastic project for students to help develop some fantastic business ideas as well as understanding all the different considerations to see the idea come to life. It is also brilliant for local businesses to be able to give something back to students by providing specific…read more
Michael Fearon – David Allan Accountants
I love being involved with the ProjX programme as I feel when I was at school, there weren’t as many options and we didn’t get as much information on different career paths and jobs we could go into. I like the fact that I’m helping to give student’s ideas on…read more
Danielle Lithgow – Jacobs
I have really have really enjoyed being able to share my career experience even though it is very short, as this position is my first full time job. I really hope I’ve been able to inspire students like others have done for me through my learning experiences, and I give…read more
Rachel Bass- Lakes College/NcfN
Lifelong Leadership Learning in Cumbria