Lifelong leadership learning in Cumbria


Founded in 2011 the Centre for Leadership Performance is a non-profit leadership development company working to develop Cumbria’s leaders for today and tomorrow. We are very much of Cumbria for Cumbria and we believe better leader equals better lives.

The Centre works in partnership with local businesses and schools to promote the development of leadership skills and to facilitate dialogue and relationships between young people and businesses across Cumbria.

Our unique approach to leadership and learning enables us to promote a longitudinal, co-ordinated approach to the development of leadership skills.

The Centre act as enablers for employers to connect with young people, at every stage of their learning journey, to shape the skills needed for the future and ‘Develop Cumbria’s Leaders for Today and Tomorrow’

Leadership skills

Our various programmes and activities often cocreated with businesses and schools and young people promote a longitudinal, co-ordinated approach to the development of leadership skills based on:

  • Self-Belief
  • Vision
  • Efficacy/Effectiveness
  • Collaboration
  • Resilience

Ladder of learning

We currently provide an inclusive ladder of life long leadership learning opportunities, engaging hundreds of people, from primary schools through to board rooms in development activities that develop their self belief, vision, efficacy, collaboration, and resilience and connect young people and employers at multiple levels to share learning, best practice and develop key skills.

For more details on any of the above please contact us.

Case Studies

How we work


All of our work starts with a conversation, we understand the needs of individuals and organisations through listening to them talk about what’s happening for them..


These conversations inspire our ideas, help us to generate innovative and practical ways to meet these needs


We like to work in partnership where we can, linking people and sharing ideas and creating value by working together to co-create solutions.


We prefer to work in a way that creates sustainable success for all involved, creating new infrastructure and networks that will continue to evolve to meet new needs.

Why work with us?


You will be part of the conversation, joining a network that can provide you with information, support and inspiration.


We can help you connect with a wider community of local providers, celebrating and signposting what is already happening in Cumbria.


By investing in one of our programmes you will not only receive a first-class service from a local employer, you also become a shareholder in the future leadership talent in Cumbria, we use our profits to develop leadership activities for young people.

What next?

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Lifelong Leadership Learning in Cumbria