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CforLP Overview

The Centre for Leadership Performance is a not for profit leadership development company, working to support and develop Cumbria’s leaders for today and tomorrow.

Our activities promote and support the development of leadership potential and ability here in Cumbria. We believe that leadership comes in all shapes and sizes, leadership is the way we behave, not a job role, job title or ‘gift’. We work with businesses and schools to develop and deliver programmes that enhance leadership capability, fostering opportunities for everyday leadership. Better Leadership helps create Better Lives.

Founded in 2011 our various programmes and activities promote a longitudinal, co-ordinated approach to the development of life long leadership learning

• Self-Belief
• Vision
• Efficacy
• Collaboration
• Resilience

CforLP facilitates relationships between young people, schools, colleges, employers and employees. Through a range of interventions and high quality programmes we seek to enhance and promote personal leadership capability that benefits both businesses and the wider community.

We work with businesses, educators and young people across Cumbria to ensure we create an inclusive ladder of opportunities. Connecting young people with businesses throughout their learning journey develops long term relationships that help shape future strategies and interventions to increase skills, knowledge, aspirations and access to opportunities.

Who we are

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Our Approach

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Meet the team

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Latest Volunteering Opportunities

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Lifelong Leadership Learning in Cumbria