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Working with Businesses

We work in partnership with businesses across Cumbria to develop their existing leaders and managers and build the talent pipeline for the future through a range of school engagement and social value activities. We continue to work collaboratively with employers and educators to create an inclusive ladder of lifelong leadership learning opportunities connecting businesses across a range of sectors. They have the opportunity to learn, share best practice and ideas and build vital support networks from primary to board room and beyond generating value by collaborating to co-create solutions.

Workplace Programmes

Working with employers over the last decade has enabled us to gain essential knowledge of their learning and development needs. Our understanding of local challenges enables us to design and deliver relevant and impactful training programmes that consider current skills gaps and critically, skills needed for the future. Our leadership programmes maximise the opportunities for shared development, bringing together leaders from across Cumbria to learn from one another. This approach strengthens the leadership community within Cumbria, encouraging diversity of thought, innovation and change.

Early Career Employees

It can be tricky to navigate your way from education into the workplace. Our Early Career support will help your early career employees make connections, find information and develop relevant skills. We provide development programmes designed specifically for those entering the workplace including Learn 2 Lead for aspiring managers, and mentoring. We also provide development support to the employees who line-manage or mentor this new generation of talent, ensuring they get the best start in your organisation and everyone benefits from them being part of the team.

Programmes for Young People

Working in collaboration with local businesses and organisations CforLP has created a range of programmes and interventions that develop the life skills of young people, build confidence and aspirations in readiness for their future careers.

Get involved

Can you help inspire the next generation of Cumbrians? Find out how you can support programmes designed to build leadership and enhance the skills of young people, whilst developing your own skills as a leader.

News and Events

Find out more about upcoming leadership development opportunities for your employees here.

Training and Development

We can support your business with bespoke leadership training and development for you and your staff.

Fund an exciting programme or project

By investing in one of our programmes you become a shareholder in the future leadership talent in Cumbria because we use our profits to develop leadership activities for young people.


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Lifelong Leadership Learning in Cumbria