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Futamura Case Study

Case study

There is an increasing understanding that the mental and emotional wellbeing of employees is a key factor in the long term success of organisations and a commitment to the wellbeing of their employees is a hallmark of a good employer. Futamura’s corporate values reflect the importance of employee wellbeing (in fact, their values extend to the long term interests of employees’ families and the wider community). Futamura asked The Centre for Leadership Performance to design and deliver some practical session to help employees to look after their own mental health and wellbeing, to recognise the signs of poor mental health and wellbeing and know where to find help if it is needed. 

We worked with Futamura’s HR and HSE team early in 2020 to design a tailored session that would consider both work and home environments, everyday wellbeing challenges as well as more serious mental health conditions. The challenges of Covid-19 accentuated the need to work with the workforce to consider the mental and emotional impact of a global pandemic on everyday lives and we ran a pilot programme in July 2020 to experiment with virtual delivery as many staff were by then working from home while the work on site continued, maintaining the production of essential food packaging. 

The programme was then rolled out to the whole workforce, using a combination of social distanced face to face training with home workers joining via Microsoft Teams. The 280 strong workforce took part in an awareness session, giving them the opportunity to talk about mental health, understand common challenges such as stress and know where to find sources of support. An additional session was designed for managers, encouraging them to speak to their teams about mental health and wellbeing, promote positive work practices and signpost people to appropriate support.

David Oldham, HR Manager said the impact of the training was ” Very positive. The courses have prompted many hundreds of conversations on plant and in the offices regarding mental health. They have been well received by the vast majority of our employees”

When asked if Futamura would use CfLP again David said “With out doubt. We have an on going relationship with Catherine Eve. She has taken the time to understand what is important to Futamura and how we operate. This gives CfLP the opportunity to develop training for us that is absolutely fit for purpose. We get excellent results whenever we collaborate”

Delegate Feedback

Gaining more understanding of how mental health effects people. Hearing other people’s perceptions on mental health and different ways of dealing with stress. Knowing that Futamura are putting things in place to help employees….read more
Futamura Employee
To know that the company understands the importance of employee mental health. This sends an important message.
Futamura Employee
I was given the opportunity to know more about mental health and the ways to maintain a positive mental health.
Futamura Employee
Makes you aware that Mental Health isn’t a bad and you should talk about it, how it effects people and what signs to look for in other people.
Futamura Employee
Knowledge of how to recognise the signs of stress and being aware that high stress can lead to mental health conditions. Also an increased awareness of how common mental health conditions are….read more
Futamura Employee

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Lifelong Leadership Learning in Cumbria