What you learn as a mentor

Although the title of this article may sound a little counter-intuitive, one of the added-value elements of mentoring is the positive impact on the mentor. Some of the most inspiring leaders are serial mentors and although they are passionate about the development of others it is obvious that they also benefit greatly from the mentoring process. Reviewing feedback from mentors, 3 key lessons emerge.

1. Perspective

Every challenge or issue can be viewed from a different angle or perspective and through changing your position or perspective your thinking is broadened and new solutions emerge. Hearing how someone else sees the world maintains intellectual and emotional flexibility. The ability to remain open to others and simultaneously hold conflicting ideas or information that are is a key part of inclusive leadership.

2. Self-Awareness

Although the focus of a mentoring relationship is the mentee, the process allows the mentor space and time to reflect on their own experiences and achievements. Talking to others about their strengths and vulnerabilities allows us to reflect on our own, strengthening our sense of self.

3. Satisfaction

Reaching out and helping others is well known as a source of positive wellbeing. Being useful satisfies a human need, we thrive when we have purpose and feel valued. There is something immensely satisfying about being able to help someone else.

When you can see you make a difference, it’s immensely satisfying. It’s helped both me and my mentee.

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