Lifelong leadership learning in Cumbria


The Leading Change Campaign enables us to engage with 12–16-year-old’s across Cumbria to inspire and nurture future aspirations and empower young people to make decisions, to make commitments and ultimately to make a difference to their communities. We know from our other programmes that sort of activity can be a life-changing experience for your people, broadening their horizons and instilling a new confidence in themselves, and in their futures.

The Centre for Leadership Performance will be flexible in the delivery working with a school. Young people will have 8 weeks to develop their campaign and throughout the process will be supported by a local business mentors to support them in developing their campaign ideas. Students must still approach it like a mini-business and business mentors and experts will offer expert advice and guidance to support them in developing their champing plans and strategies, assigning roles, planning, marketing and communications, finance, handling funds and delivering results.

The programme will be led by the young people who will own & shape the campaign based on needs & ideas. The Campaign would be based on issue that matters most to them, something they want to change or make maker, this could be a local issue or linked to a national or global issue and will provide opportunities for young people to work alongside business mentors from their local communities. 

The programme encourages & nurtures creative thinking; develops self-confidence as they showcase hidden talents in an accessible way Develops links between young people, secondary schools, local businesses, charities & third sector. The Leading Change programme will provide opportunities for pupils to learn through different learning interventions, gives a voice to young people – to hear their views and making them feel important and empowered to lead change and show they can influence change in their local communities. 

The Centre is delighted to be delivering the Leading Change Programme. A central element of our work is providing new opportunities for young people to see beyond their own circumstances to a better, more prosperous future, and to give them the confidence and self-belief that is such an important part of personal success.  Our activities with young people also equip them with the life skills that come with wider experience and interaction with role models beyond their own family and school orbit.

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Download Workington Academy’s PowerPoint Presentation

“The pupils rose to the challenge and worked brilliantly together as a team.”
Cath Howard
“Leading Change aims to inspire and nurture future aspirations and empower young people. This experience can be life-changing for young people, broadening their horizons and instilling a new confidence in themselves, and in their futures. The success of at Workington Academy shows young people can influence change in their local…read more
Nicola Woolley – Secondary Programme Manager for CforLP
“Our pupils seized this opportunity and did a huge amount of work in a very short time. Their research determined which re-usable bottles would be best, pupils were surveyed to get their input into the idea of eradicating single-use water bottles, and they have now turned their environmentally-friendly idea into…read more
Tina Thomson – Workington Academy Teacher
“We believe in reducing the amount of single use plastics and reusable water bottles are one way to tackle the issue.  We were impressed by the project that the students are taking on and were happy to donate over 1,000 reusable bottles to help them on their way.”…read more
John Hilton – Project Director for United Utilities

Lifelong Leadership Learning in Cumbria