Lifelong leadership learning in Cumbria

Aspiration Session Volunteering


The Primary Business Partnership (PBP) facilitate these fun and interactive sessions for Year 5/ 6 pupils to broaden and raise their career aspirations. Volunteers from the local businesses are invited to talk to the children about their career journeys to date.  They play a ‘Guess the job’ game with the children, give them the opportunity to interview the volunteers or even get interviewed themselves.

Since the start of the Coronavirus pandemic, the PBP have been unable to deliver face-to-face workshops and have been working with local businesses to develop a series of online resources that can be used by all schools.

These aspiration sessions can now be delivered online directly into the classroom or be pre-recorded. Whatever stage you are in your career, whichever industry you are in, get in touch to help pupils in West Cumbrian schools DREAM BIG!

Why get involved

When asked if volunteering with the PBP made a difference to:

Their sense of giving something back

95 % said this was

better or much better

Their wellbeing and motivation

91% said this was

better or much better

Their skills development

78% said this was

better or much better

Lifelong Leadership Learning in Cumbria