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ProjX Summer – 19th-23rd July 2021

ProjX Summer – 19th-23rd July 2021

Students aged 14-16 from five schools across West Cumbria participated in the programme.

The Brief

The brief was for the team to focus on a concept for the temporary use of a piece of derelict land in Workington and show how it would attract people into the local area.

The site is the former Opera House building, which, having now been demolished, has left behind a piece of land that the council are looking to re-purpose.

The students were working on a budget for the capital costs for repurposing the site of a £500,000 funding grant and any proposed use is to be self-sustaining from a revenue perspective. The development concept was to be commercially appealing, to locals and visitors, and benefit the local community, appealing to younger generations coming into the town.

The students were to consider the environmental impact, sustainability and any Health and Safety considerations in place due to the impact of Covid-19.

The Team

Concept name: The Hangout Zone

The team’s concept was to use the area as a social space where teenagers and young adults could hang out together and have fun in a safe environment, with a Youth Centre for teens to go to, to play games and express themselves. Culture events could also be hosted there.

Student Feedback

The Highs –

Being able to see the different aspects of a regeneration project.

Learning what happens when buildings are planned.

Organising who does what.


Having an authentic work experience.



Student Feedback

Learning what happens when buildings are planned

What did you enjoy most about ProjX?

Learning how to work with strangers

Would you recommend ProjX?

Yes because it helped me understand how to collaborate in a group professionally


I would recommend ProjX as it is a nice introduction to meeting and communicating between different businesses.
I would recommend ProjX because it helped me understand how to collaborate in a group professionally.
I would recommend ProjX because it gives people an opportunity to work on a project they wouldn’t be able to otherwise.
I enjoyed ProjX because I was able to work with people from the different places and having them explaining all of the different things needed when new buildings are made was interesting….read more

Lifelong Leadership Learning in Cumbria