Lifelong leadership learning in Cumbria

Young Leaders


Our NEW Young Leaders Programme is designed to provide young people with essential leadership skills for their furture. It includes an introduction to leadership covering team dynamics, leadership styles, and engagement strategies. Young people gain access to invaluable guidance from positive role models within our leadership community. Our goals are to boost young peoples confidence and self-awareness, develop an understanding of leadership culture and styles, promote resilience and emotional intelligence.

This is a flexible programme which can be designed and developed to meet the requirements of the school or group. It can also link to our skills academy workshops.

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Benefits to young people

Whitehaven Academy Pilot Impact

After a successful pilot at Whitehaven Academy, students gained vital skills feeding back to us that they learnt:

The content definitely met the requirements. The students were made to think about themselves and what makes a great leader in a manner that they are not used to – they normally learn facts and skills. The content was thought provoking enough for them without it being overwhelming. The students left the day positive – I even spoke to some of the parents that evening who said that their son/daughter had found the day useful and enjoyable. The pace the sessions were perfect. The students were always challenged in their thinking but never overwhelmed. This meant that they were engaged and go the maximum out of the day.

Simon Fitzgerald, Assistant Headteacher: Maths, STEM and Raising Standards at Whitehaven Academy


I have learnt that taking responsibility for leading yourself and others can be more important than I realised, in and out of school.
Student, Whitehaven Academy
I have learnt how to build more confidence and have effective communication. As well as this, learning about leadership characteristics and developing an understanding on how this can benefit other people….read more
Student, Whitehaven Academy 1
I have learnt how to influence others without forcing or pushing
Student, Whitehaven Academy 2
I have learnt how to be a good leader and empower others to do the same
Student, Whitehaven Academy 3
I will take away that there is always a solution to the problem and no matter how hard something is there will always be a solution
Student, Whitehaven Academy 4
I have learnt resilience and increased understanding of leadership and the types of leadership. It also taught me the power of confidence
Student, Whitehaven Academy 5

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Lifelong Leadership Learning in Cumbria