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Sense of Purpose


The Sense of Purpose programme, tailored to address the demographic challenges in Cumbria, strategically tackles the issues arising from an aging population through targeted workshops. Conducted within the region, these workshops guide retirees in contemplating and planning for their transition to retirement. Participants are encouraged to assess the impact of retirement on themselves, their families, and friends, and set meaningful goals considering aspects like health, lifestyle, and interests. The programme delves into discussions on potential challenges, concerns, and drawbacks associated with retirement. Moreover, it actively facilitates connections between retirees and opportunities aligned with their interests and aspirations. By offering this comprehensive support, the initiative not only safeguards against the loss of valuable knowledge and skills but also leverages the potential of a capable, retiring workforce to address the economic inactivity and skills shortage in Cumbria.

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What are the benefits for the employer?

  • Minimise the impact of knowledge and skills loss, future proofing organisations
  • Employers will benefit from additional resource, reducing the impact of skills and labour supply shortages
  • Employers and their employees will engage more with their local communities

What are the benefits for our County?

  • The retired population will remain economically active for longer
  • Reduced skills and labour supply issues
  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced reliance on health services
  • Increased participation in volunteering
  • Improved multi-generational support

Who funds ‘Sense of purpose’

We have recently secured funding to enable us to run the Sense or Purpose programme across Cumberland, this is thanks to Allerdale GDF Community Panel and Cumbria Community Foundation through Cumberland Council’s UKSPF Levelling Up Fund.

To sustain and expand the reach of this valuable programme, we are actively seeking additional support from companies and organisations. In order to continue and enhance the Sense of Purpose initiative, we invite interested entities to consider contributing to its funding. For inquiries and to discuss potential partnerships, please reach out to Catherine Eve at


The Sense of Purpose Workshop was an engaging and useful day that helped me assess what I really wanted out of retirement. The supportive environment and inspiring facilitators made the programme highly worthwhile – I would wholeheartedly recommend attending if you are approaching the end of your career and want…read more
Anthony Steven

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Lifelong Leadership Learning in Cumbria