Lifelong leadership learning in Cumbria


Adrian Davis-Johnston

Board Member

Adrian is Head Of Research, Development And Innovation at Nuvia UK, an international nuclear engineering, project management and services contractor which has developed a reputation for high-quality delivery.

As the previous programme director of the Innovus initiative, Adrian unlocked almost £3.2m of investment in developing 59 innovations by Cumbria SMEs in a three-year-period. Many of those businesses are still having success and growing, thanks to that initial investment, with all the knock-on benefits that brings for employment and the Cumbria economy.

Now as a board member at the Centre For Leadership Performance, Adrian is excited at how the centre and its associates can achieve lasting positive impacts which will benefit individuals, businesses and the whole of Cumbria, not just now, but for generations to come.

“What I like about the Centre For Leadership Performance is that it takes that cradle to grave approach to leadership and life skills and makes Cumbria an even better place to be,” said Adrian. “By improving people’s life skills across all stages – whether through the different stages of education or throughout people’s careers in business – it has a big impact on Cumbria’s eco-system.
“There’s a significant business benefit, social benefit, and cultural benefit from the work that the Centre for Leadership Performance does. We may have only 500,000 people in Cumbria, but we have some phenomenal businesses who are achieving amazing things, and we have resilient, passionate, proud people. The Centre for Leadership Performance builds on these attributes by instilling skills and capabilities across all stages of life, starting with children who are our future.”

Adrian’s day job is all about bringing about impactful, positive change, and he feels that the Centre for Leadership Performance is all about that too. It’s about changing people’s outputs and destinies.

Adrian’s Leadership Top Tip

“Don’t expect someone to do something that you wouldn’t do, or attempt to do, yourself. The classic “lead by example” is a core pillar of leadership in my view. Your colleagues, peers and team members will respect you for it, and respect is a valuable thing you have to earn.”

Lifelong Leadership Learning in Cumbria