Lifelong leadership learning in Cumbria


Catherine Eve

Executive Director

After a number of years supporting the Centre for Leadership Performance as an associate trainer, Catherine Eve joined the team on a permanent basis, recently becoming Executive Director. Catherine has worked in learning and development for 20 years and brings a wealth of HR, training and development experience.

Originally from West Cumbria, Catherine has worked in Reading, London and Newcastle. Living and working back in Cumbria she is delighted to be able to support the work of the Centre in developing Cumbria’s leaders, “Effective leadership is key to the success of every organisation. A great leader engages others, harnesses their enthusiasm and talent and helps them do their best work. It is a real privilege to do more of the work I love in Cumbria.”

Catherine will focus on growing bespoke leadership work, designing and delivering tailored leadership programmes to meet the needs of local businesses. She will also be involved in the short course programmes and acclaimed Leader2Leader programme. Catherine has recently completed her Masters in Applied Positive Psychology, one of the first people in the country to hold the qualification. Her research into leaders and their impact on the optimism and resilience of their employees will help her to bring the latest knowledge and ideas to the leaders of Cumbria.

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Catherine’s Leadership Top Tip

“The top tip that has stuck with me over the last 12 months of the Covid pandemic is the the importance of making a decision. Even if you are not 100% that it is the right decision, spending time agonising over making the right decision is often pointless. It is important to keep moving forward. Taking action creates momentum, helps energise others and open new perspectives ………and leads you to the next decision!”

Lifelong Leadership Learning in Cumbria