Lifelong leadership learning in Cumbria



Coaching is a simple and powerful development tool that works in both a 1:1 and a team setting. Coaching provides you with support to develop your skills and confidence in a personal and practical way. Working with a coach you can pinpoint key areas for development, gain increased self-awareness and new perspectives that lead you to generate options. Working between sessions to implement these ideas you learn through experience and gain confidence through taking action.

Coaching can help develop leadership skills at all stages of your leadership journey and can be particularly useful at times of challenge and change. Unlike mentoring the coach doesn’t need to have experience or qualifications in your industry or job role as their objectivity helps to open you up to new thinking and to take personal ownership for the outcomes from the coaching.

Case Studies

Case Study- LLWR, Coaching

Sam Wilson from LLWR explains what he gained from coaching.

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Case Study- Futamura, Coaching

Mandy Studholme from Futamura explains what difference coaching made to an employee.

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Case Study- Cyclife, Coaching

Karen Smith from Cyclife explains what skills and impact coaching had on her development.

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Lifelong Leadership Learning in Cumbria