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Innovative Work Awareness Programme


This innovative work awareness programme offers students the opportunity to work with a range of local business, giving an insight into the range of roles and skills needed to deliver against any professional project.

The programme provides students with an opportunity to develop and hone a range of skills and explore different interests as it provides exposure to a range of businesses, job roles and skills sets. This will help develop a number of transferable skills, including communication, problem solving, leadership and teamwork as well as the use of platforms which have become more relevant to the modern way of working.

The programme offers students applying the chance to get their ideas heard and visualise how they see the future of their towns and local area.

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Watch the videos below to find out how past students and business volunteers found the programme.

Iona explains what skills and experiences she gained from taking part in Projx 2020
Rachel from Lakes College explains how she got involved in Projx and why you should apply.

Danielle from Jacobs explains how she got involved in Projx and why you should apply.


Read below to find out what the students and businesses took away from taking part in ProjX.

I have really have really enjoyed being able to share my career experience even though it is very short, as this position is my first full time job. I really hope I’ve been able to inspire students like others have done for me through my learning experiences, and I give…read more
Rachel Bass- Lakes College/NcfN
The ProjX programme is a fantastic project for students to help develop some fantastic business ideas as well as understanding all the different considerations to see the idea come to life. It is also brilliant for local businesses to be able to give something back to students by providing specific…read more
Michael Fearon – David Allan Accountants
I love being involved with the ProjX programme as I feel when I was at school, there weren’t as many options and we didn’t get as much information on different career paths and jobs we could go into. I like the fact that I’m helping to give student’s ideas on…read more
Danielle Lithgow – Jacobs
First off, it was amazing that experience was even available in terms of the lockdown, it was also a great opportunity to meet new people outside of your own school and work with new people who you may not necessarily choose to work with previously as you may not know…read more
Eloise- Student
Didn’t think I was a team leader or team player so didn’t think would have confidence to do any of that but this has shown me that I can do teamwork and do it more effectively. Just like to thank the business partners who took the time out to talk…read more
Abbie- Student
I was very impressed with the development of the children in a short period of time. I have seen first hand in my own family that standard education does not fit every kid. I can see how this project gave the children a sense of purpose and achievement which isn’t…read more
Amaya Munoz – National Nuclear Laboratory

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Lifelong Leadership Learning in Cumbria